About the TV Show


Graham Clark: Wilderness Man is a tv pilot made by 3 comedian / filmmaker guys living in Vancouver. We’re  trying to get it made by the CBC as part of the Comedy Coup program. They’re producing a bunch of great new comedies.

Graham Clark.
Acting, Joking, Bearding.
Graham is a 3-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and co-host of Maximum Fun’s Stop Podcasting Yourself. Clark is a regular on CBC’s The Debaters and has appeared at Just for Laughs, Halifax Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and Bumbershoot. He is a winner of the Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off, appeared on HBO’s Funny As Hell, and has filmed several comedy specials. Graham is also the creator of beardpaintings.com, where he sells paintings made using his beard as a paintbrush and donates the proceeds to charity.

Dan Barham.
Photography, Editing, Britishing.
Dan works as a photographer, cinematographer and film-maker for numerous editorial and commercial clients across the globe. He has worked for Apple, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, but is most known for his Peter Dinklage song.

Josh Loewen.
Directing, Writing, Eating.
Josh runs an award winning digital marketing agency in Vancouver. He trained as a graphic designer, went to film school, did standup comedy, and now writes jokes for comedians living in the woods.

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